Photos and Feedback from Participants


The First Siberian Legal Forum was a historic event at which judicial authority across the world was analyzed and discussed from the perspective of specialization.


I participated in the the First Siberian Legal Forum and considered it to be a major event in the area of comparative law. The level of papers was very high and a true scholarly dialogue between Russian and foreign scholars took place.


The First Siberian Legal Forum was a major academic event: the participants had the opportunity to exchange ideas about an important topic, that is, how the judicial organization can cope with the challenges of the growing specialization of contemporary societies.


The First Siberian Legal Forum impressed me much with its perfect organization and the high level of papers. I learnt a lot from both Russian colleagues and other participant scholars.


A distinctive feature of the First Siberian legal forum was a wide range of its participants comprising both scientists and practitioners (including the widely represented judicial community); both domestic and foreign scientists.