BRICS Law Journal

The journal is registered and has been published in the Russian Federation since 2014 in English. It comes out four times per year in print and on-line.

The journal was created on the initiative of the academic community in Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. It is is the world's first legal academic journal covering legal aspects of the BRICS group. Designed for international legal scholars and practitioners. BRICS Law Journal is an open-access journal indexed by international agencies, including the international research base HeinOnline and Scopus. It is presented at international law libraries, e-libraries, including SSRN, Urlich’s, WorldCat, ELibrary and published in strict accordance with the requirements of Scopus and Web of Science, which indexation is a key indicator of the international rating agencies.

Print ISSN 2409-9058 
Online ISSN 2412-2343
Journal website

Development goals:
To raise interest in Russian legal concepts, ideas and legal research in the international community
To create and sustain an open forum for legal scholars and practitioners in order to reflect on and analyze issues that are relevant to the BRICS and internationally significant
To provide favorable conditions for excellence of legal research in Russian law schools

To conduct joint and individual legal research
To internationalize and renovate the traditional Russian approaches  to legal research
To build networks and expand cooperation between Russian and foreign researchers
To raise interest towards Russian legal studies and culture in the international community
To promote and exchange legal ideas at the international level

Journal scope:
The BRICS cooperation on legal issues (environment and natural resources, Ice Silk Road, oceans and water courses, Arctic, agricultural belt, etc.)
Sustainable development transition in the BRICS countries
National identity in multicultural society
Public participation in government and law-making
Legal support for export services
Risk management in the public governance
Social services and social responsibility
Cyberlaw, internet security

Policy for authors:
Submissions written only in English with comparative legal method are accepted
Translations of original articles prepared not in English are not accepted
The journal is exercised by peer-review and international editorial quality control
All submissions are subject to professional editing by native English speaking legal scholars 
Manuscripts undergo certain editorial modification  subject to editorial board

Chief Editor – Dmitry Maleshin, a professor of Civil Procedural Law Moscow State University and National Research University Higher School of Economics (Moscow, Russia) 
Deputy Chief Editor – Sergey Marochkin, professor of International Law, Director of the Institute of State and Law, University of Tyumen (Russia) 
Executive editor – Elena Gladun, associate professor, the Institute of State and Law, University of Tyumen (Russia)