Article Requirements

Articles are accepted on official e-mail till November 19, 2018.

Style Sheet

General Style Notes
Submissions must be no less than 20 000 letters no more than 30 000 letters (including abstract and key words).
Manuscript pages must be numbered consecutively.
Authors should submit their manuscripts in Microsoft Word format, single-spaced, font Times New Roman, 11 pt. Margins: left and right – 4 cm, top and bottom – 4,5 cm.
Please avoid automatic or manual hyphenation, modified MS Word styles, background shading and highlighting. Bold, Italics, subscripts and superscripts are acceptable if readable.
Author’s notes should be numbered as superscripts and compiled at the bottom of the page (footnote format).
Acronyms and abbreviations, except for generally accepted ones, must be written out at first reference.
Tables, figures and other graphics must be referred to in the preceding text and have captions in Russian and in English. Captions must be numbered consecutively (e.g. Fig. 1, Table 1, Fig. 2, Fig. 3, Table 2, etc.). 
In the case of using rare languages in the text of a manuscript (Chinese, Japanese, Sanskrit, etc.) please attach an appropriate typeface.

1. The Name of the Forum Panel.

2. Information about the Author:
• Full name,
• Academic degree, academic title,
• Current position, place of work, city (unless it is mentioned in the name of an organization, e.g. Tyumen State University) and country (if not Russia). The name of the organization must match the name in the charter;
• E-mail address.

3. UDC Identifier
Can be found at

4. Title of Work

5. Abstract (100-150 words)
• Characteristics of the main topic and research problems,
• Description of academic novelty and relevance of the study,
• Research objective,
• Main methods,
• Summary of a research,
• Brief research results,
• Main findings;
• The abstract must contain an emphasis on academic novelty of the paper in relation to other works with similar topics and objectives;
• The abstract must be informative (no general words), meaningful (main points and research output) and logically structured;
• No citations, formulae or rare symbols (requiring special typeface) can be included in the abstract.

6. Key Words
Preferably, most words and phrases should be included (5-7). Key words must reflect the discipline, the specific character of the topic, the purpose, the object and the results of the study.
The following basic principles of key word selection should be taken into account: 
- Use basic (generic) terms alongside more specific ones;
- Avoid overuse of compound words, quotations, words with apostrophes;
- Each key word is an individual element with its own meaning.

7. Article Structure 
• Introduction (The purpose and relevance of the study are explained);
• Main body (Can be logically organized by headings);
• An example of a system of headings that can be used is IMRaD: Introduction, Methods, Results and Discussion;
• Results, discussion and conclusions.

8. No reference list is needed.
Citations must be in the form of subscript bibliographic references as required by GOST R 7.0.5-2008. Bibliographic reference. References must be in MS Word format, single-spaced, font Times New Roman, 10 pt.