Тюменский государственный университет (ТюмГУ), Институт государства и права

The Institute of State and Law can be called the centre of law of Tyumen region and a vibrant intellectual community of students and teachers.

Within the short period of its existence, first as a historical and law department (1985), then as law and public administration faculties (1987, 1996), the dynamically developing Institute of State and Law (1999) has occupied the leading position in training and retraining of legal professionals, civil servants and executives.

The innovative teaching methods and curricula used at the Institute are based on the current level of  European Higher education and required standard of competence for graduates. ISL has adopted the system of continuous education (bachelor, master, post-graduate student, doctoral student). It carries out fundamental and applied research in the area of state and law and has established firm links with the renowned academical educational centres of Russia and Europe.

The strategic aim of the institute is to offer a broad high quality legal education and to develop competent, creative and sensitive legal problem-solvers of the new generation able to effectively adapt to the challenges, rapid changes and increasing needs of their professional area. The Institute lecturers, whose number exceeds 100, are known for high quality teaching and research. Three professors of the Institute (S.Yu.Marochkin, Dr. Jurid. Sci., professor; V.E.Sevryugin, Dr.Jurid.Sci., professor; G.N.Chebotaryov, Dr.Jurid.Sci., professor) were awarded with the honorary title “Honoured Lawyer of the Russian Federation”. There are also 15 lecturers with a doctoral degree, 66 associate professors having a PhD.

For the last 5 years the faculty of the Institute have issued more than 35 monographs, 180 textbooks, manuals and teaching aids, collections of research papers. Professors of the Institute are included into editorial boards of law journals, professional associations and academic boards of other higher education institutions.

The lecturers, students and alumni of the Institute are involved into legal, social, political activities of the Tyumen region. Thus, the students of the Institute, practicing their legal skills, provide legal counseling for the low-income groups of population. In 2000 a  Students’ Legal Clinic was established for this purpose.

The Institute makes a considerable contribution into formation and development of the Tyumen region legislation, regulatory basis of its municipalities, law and order maintenance, public anti-corruption expert examination and “Power Efficient City” project implementation.

Website: http://www.utmn.ru/igip/