The City of Tyumen

Being founded in 1586, since August 4, 1944, Tyumen is an administrative center of the Tyumen region.

The city is administratively divided into 4 territorial districts: Central, Lenin, Kalinin and East with 19 rural settlements annexed to it.

The number of resident population of the city of Tyumen, including the subordinated settlements, according to Territorial body of Federal State Statistics Service in the Tyumen region is 607675 people. The distance from Tyumen to Moscow is 2144 km. The total area of the city is 47 thousand hectares. The area of green plantings is 3,9 thousand hectares. The length of streets, driveways, embankments is 1089 km.

Tyumen is the scientific and cultural center of the area. There are 35 organizations which are engaged in scientific research and development, 14 higher education institutions (including branches), 9 establishments of secondary vocational education and 3 initial professional education, 96 general education institutions and 128 preschool educational institutions in the city.
There are 3 professional theaters, a philharmonic hall, 13 cultural-leisure establishments, 33 libraries, 1 museum — “The state autonomous cultural institution of the Tyumen region “Museum complex named after Ivan Yakovlevich Slovtsov” , including:

1. Городская управа 19 в

  • “The City Council” museum
  • The museum of the fine arts
  • Kolokolnikov’s memorial estate
  • “The Masharov’s House” museum
  • The archaeological memorial estate on the lake Andreevskoye

Tyumen is the most important traffic centre of the area: there is an international airport, the river port, the railway and automobile stations. The area boroughs are connected with the European part of Russia and Ural, Eastern Siberia and the Far East through the automobile and railway traffic.

Tyumen is the largest industrial city. There are more than 34 thousand organizations and enterprises in it, operating in various spheres: oil and gas, machinery and equipment manufacture, electrical equipment, electronic and optical equipment production, food industry, etc:  JSC Neftemash, JSC Elektron experimental plant, JSC GROM, JSC Sibneftegazmash Plant, JSC Neftepromyslovoye oborudovaniye, JSC Bentek, JSC Technological Company Shlyumberzhe, JSC Tyumen Plant of the Medical Equipment and Tools, JSC Tyumen Battery Plant, JSC IPF Sibnefteavtomatika,  JSC Tyumenmoloko, JSC Ochakovo beer factory, JSC Tyumen bread-baking complex, JSC HC Fond.